Monday, February 9, 2015

When will Microsoft stop the mockery ?!

Microsoft Corporation once again 'Declined' a request with over 10,000 votes on its USER Voice idea suggestion site pertaining to the continued support and updating of a popular programing environment called Visual Basic 6, or VB6. (

The request was originally denied in June of 2014, but a new idea popped up and 
was once again merged today. The strange thing about the decline is that it is being carried out by Paul Yuknewicz, Group Program Manager, Microsoft Visual Studio Cloud Tools. Since Paul currently has no connection with Visual Basic team, the reason he has declined the idea raises some questions if the rest of Microsoft Management is aware of the issue. VB6 has persisted in many banking, military, and industrial areas since it was released in 1998, even though Microsoft has pushed for its extinction since the release of VB.NET in 2001. Many die hard VB6 developers don't / can't migrate their huge code bases because of cost constraints, speed requirements, code security, and development time.
Tiobe Index(, a world recognized software ranking company recently separated the Visual Basic category, to just include VB6. With Tiobe Index VB6 still ranks number 10 in popularity of all programing languages used in the world.
With Microsoft's recent move to embrace Open Source, the fact that they are rejecting such a large group of developers seems contradictory to that stand.
Visual Basic 6.0 Facebook Community (

A comment by Winston Potgieter

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