Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm also a Microsoft Certified Professional in Visual Basic: by Kevin Matney

Yes, I have masters degree in Engineering, but I'm also a Microsoft Certified Professional in Visual Basic, although I received my professional certificate about 6 years after my Master's degree. So I know how to program, and know what I'm doing, and know what my code does, I have software running on multi-million dollar equipment in the worlds most advanced semiconductor fabs. These are mission critical programs, and they are written in VB6 (mostly). I learned the hard way that if you push VB6 too hard, you are asking for trouble, and I had to remove some hardcore API calls I was using. I was only pushing VB6, since it hadn't been updated in so long. So I backed off, and now just live within the limitations of VB6.
VB6 catered to a certain type of programmer, we we took to it like a duck to water. The language just feels natural. You have some of that in VB.Net, but too many other aspects get in the way. I have forced myself to do most (but not all) new programming with VB.Net, and it's been about 2 years, so I'm reasonably proficient. But it still feels like pulling teeth at times - the love just isn't there. If I need to knock out a quick prototype App, I still use VB6, and will do so for many years to come. I tested all my VB6 Apps in Windows 10 and everything works great. So I'm good at least another 10 years.

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