Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Recently hundreds of programmers were censored on !

Recently tens or hundreds of programmers were censored on Many of us do not have the right to free speech on that site. One of the programmers who remained uncensored is VBfire (they forgot to censor him, fortunately!)
On that page (1) VBfire commented: There is no another uservoice page to have more comments and more real votes than this one.  Someone said that we pray for Microsoft to release another version of VB6. I would say that we force Microsoft to pull a new version of VB6. What we do here is by no means a petition, is more of a clear demand ! The VB6 community has past the point of petitions and requests when it comes to Microsoft. Even the two uservoice administrators that make fun of tens of thousands of people (who actively are campaigning for VB6) will shortly be accountable for their conduct on behalf of Microsoft. Do not think that the repeated rejection of an idea supported by a huge mass of people will be wiped with a sponge and nobody will notice this.


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