Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm an engineer: VB6 programs work fine in Windows 10 by Kevin Matney

I've been working with VB.Net for a few years, but still maintain (and update with new features!) a lot of VB6 programs. I was pleased that all of my VB6 programs work fine in Windows 10, so that's another 10 years I'll be working with VB6. . One thing I absolutely miss in VB.Net is having out-of-process servers - a rock-solid way for VB6 users to get multi-threading. I have to work with some shaky .Net EXE servers (not my code) and when they crash, my program crashes. To solve this I had to write a VB6 COM wrapper. VB6 to the rescue again.
I'm an engineer, and a self-taught programmer, and was (is) able to do some amazing things with VB. With VB.Net, I spend more time on Google than I do writing code. In fact, I would have been dead in the water if I wasn't able to search for code snippets online (and I have found the MS Help online to be the least useful - not very many examples).
I find it frustrating that Microsoft must be spending time and effort creating obscure languages like LightSwitch or F#, when it seems obvious that VB7 would be way more popular. I have forced myself to do new development in VB.Net, but the keyword is "force". I hate it, but at least with Google's help I can get things done.
I could go on and on...

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  1. here too .. just have to ask why Win10 ? ,. why not just a platform for VB6 ... like for example ReactOS ?