Saturday, February 14, 2015

The disinformation propaganda on the real situation regarding Visual Basic 6.0 in 2015

A message from Vorlon:

I am an analyst and programmer, I know most programming languages and I am also a VB6 lover (and I say with great pride):
Analyzing the text messages it seems that Hman and "that" Anonymous are one and the same. Hman may be Paul Yuknewicz ! yes, him.There is pathos in this for Paul, because he advocated .NET in 2001 from what I understand.
If these comments against Visual Basic 6.0 appeared for several weeks, this means that all the struggle for VB6 comeback has a serious echo inside Microsoft. We see a lot censorship and VB6 ideas rejected on without explanation. Why do you think?! If you/we quit now, you/we are f o o l s.
In all the negative posts you will see an increased frequency (a pattern) of words: "patheti.c", "delusiona.l", "period.", "Again,", "case closed.", "childish", "spamming", "VB6 is dead" or "switch from VB6 to .NET" and so on. These words enter in a single pattern, belonging to only one man! Folks, just a simple idea posted here has 11,000 votes and 3,100 comments, THAT IS HUGE and really annoying for .NOT preachers (based upon common words and the style of the messages, I counted four . NET preachers across the Internet).
In order to discourage the VB6 community, they (Paul Yuknewicz and the orchestra) applied the same tactics in 2008. They employed about 3 or 4 people to negatively comment on the internet with regard to VB6, and it worked ! But Microsoft has other smart people who are pro VB6, which realize the importance and the size of the VB6 community.
Just imagine what happens-to Paul if Microsoft decides that VB6 must return ... ! it begins to have no role there, that is the real problem for him.
So, do not be discouraged or fooled by these messages, behind them is just one single man. The "negative comment" method worked from 2002 until recently, but the world begins to be smart !
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