Friday, February 20, 2015

Dot not is a junk platform for junk apps: a comment by Anonymous

Dot not is a junk platform for junk apps... hardly anyone uses it. Some do, and some love it. I notice a ***** towards putting vb6 in a past tense, and .net as some 'future'. But to go that route makes Java or Python or any number of other platforms just as good. Why would I choose your next platform, what happens when you dump that one... same argument again... no thanks. And if support stops in 2014 and windows 8.1 then so does my upgrade path... (Think it actually works in windows 10 too). You make big claims for .net, but it never has delivered on them. It's over bearing, over engineered, long winded and designed for a corporate developer, which is great... for them. BUT you've cut loose an awful lot of other developers, the majority in the process. You keep talking about the needs of the developers, whilst ignoring an awful lot of them. I had the displeasure of working with .net to maintain and application for a couple of years, and whilst the GUI design tools where very nice indeed, the language was just plain bad.. long winded and I felt OTT for a small developer of tools like myself. Let me ask you this... there where courses for programming VB6 at the local collage.. no longer.. nobody wanted to learn .net... IT ISN'T FUN... People wan't something approachable.. the .net suites are not. I also note the popularity of Python for teaching programming now.. and can't help feeling that it's because Microsoft has lost sight of a massive portion of it's users. Take care they don't all lose site of MS. If I end up learning something that runs cross platform why would I stick with you guys.. you've already proven you have no idea what people want in a desktop OS and now have confirmed you have no idea what people need to learn programming. I'm really sorry if this sounds offensive BTW, it's not supposed to. I see 10K signings for a development tool as old as this.. name me anything else from back then that people want... no I can't think of anything either.. does that not compute?

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