Tuesday, February 24, 2015

People forced VB6 limitations and created bunch of hack API stuff, subclassing etc: a comment by Anonymous

People forced VB6 limitations and created bunch of hack API stuff, subclassing etc. There were many 3rd party vendors, who tried to do a buck. It soon became an uncontrollable monster and needed to be put down for many other reasons, mostly it could not really allowed to be expanded and was lacking many important features like multithreading etc. VB6 couldn't be changed easily and to change it you needed to do it from the bottom up. So Microsoft did chose the bottom-up approach and created .NET. This new platform had all the goodies that VB6 didn't have and never could have (because of it's inefficient general design philosophy). That's the reason why pro-coders are now quite happy with .NET today. 
However there is still good news for hobbyist coders, who used VB6 (and still continuing to do so). There is VBA and VB script. VB6 coders can switch to those as they are familiar with the syntax. Besides, there are other languages around like python, which is easy to pick up for non-pro coders. 
Microsoft did the very right think to put VB6 asleep as it was really hopeless, however provided all the help to interop from VB6 to .NET. That's the best that they could honestly do and I don't blame them. 
I suggest that you try .NET, which is getting better each year. (check out NET 2015). However as you are saying that you are a non pro-coder, I would suggest that you use VB6 as it is, because MS support OS support will be there until 2024. But if you need to develop yourself then you should learn .NET, because it is one of the most comprehensive frameworks around for real programmers. Thank you.


  1. What a crock of shit.
    VB.Net sucks big black rhino dick.

    Your lauded 'Framework for real programmers' is nothing more than a BLOATED RunTime and that's being generous.

    VB6 is still superior to VB.Net and always will be.