Friday, February 20, 2015

A comment by SuperDre

Standards are just what you use yourself, .NET itself doesn't have any real standards just like VB6 didn't have.. As I've said before, bad code is all down to the developer, and with that, bad code is also very much in the eye of the beholder.. VB6 doesn't stand in your way to use actual development standards, but some people are just too lazy to actually use them, those are the same people who won't use any real standards when they develop in .NET..
Yes, for some stuff you need to 'hack' your way around it, but that's exactly the same with .NET, I've had to 'hack' my way around certain stuff because the .NET framework (at that time) didn't support what I needed or did it in a very unlogical way.. Yes it's nice you can extend you classes and add a lot of attributes, but to me, using those things it's just another fancier way of 'hacking your way around stuff'.. I've sweared a lot at for instance having to use standard .NET components because they just didn't do what they were supposed to do, yeah, unless you are a dummy developer who doesn't actually use it, exactly how you describe VB6 developers (as in NON professional developers)..
And what is exactly spagheti-code, because when I look at a lot of .NET code, to me it also looks a lot like the VB6 code we use (I specifically say 'we use' as I have no real clue to how others work with it)..
Also with .NET you have the problem of having to update your code if you want to use the latest additions, and not all companies have the money to keep updating to the latest version of Visual Studio, or the full version so they can use stuff like the complete testing suite. Yes, only now you have a free version which actually is acceptable to use in a professional enviroment (Express editions had too many commercial license problems), but the last 15 years you had to upgrade every 2-3 years if you wanted to use the latest features..
But just like there is still unmanaged C(++) in the latest version of Visual Studio, why not also have an unmanaged (classic) VB...

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