Thursday, June 9, 2022

Trend Micro HiJackThis source code in VB6

The HiJackThis project is made by Stanislav Polshyn, a professional in our community! I advise you to visit his repositories on GitHub. HiJackThis literally made history (Trend Micro).

Download from me

Download from GitHub


  • Lists non-default settings in the registry, hard drive and memory related to autostart
  • Generates organized, easily readable reports
  • Does not use a database of specific malware, adware, etc
  • Detects potential methods used by hijackers
  • Can be configured to automatically scan at system boot up
  • Short logs
  • Fast scans
  • No need to manually create fixing scripts
  • No need for Internet access or recurring database updates
  • Already familiar to many people
  • Portable

New in version 3
  • Detects several new hijacking methods
  • Fully supports new Windows versions
  • New and updated supplementary tools
  • Improved interface, security and backups

HiJackThis also comes with several useful tools for manually removing malware from a computer:

  • StartupList 2 (*new*)
  • Process Manager
  • Uninstall manager
  • Hosts file manager
  • Alternative Data Spy
  • Delete file / service staff
  • Digital Signature Checker (*new*)
  • Registry key unlocker (*new*)
  • Files unlocker (*new*)
  • Check Browsers' LNK & ClearLNK (as downloadable components) (*new*)
Log analysis

IMPORTANT: HiJackThis Fork does not make value-based calls on what is considered good or bad. You must exercise caution when using this tool. Avoid making changes to your computer settings without thoroughly studying the consequences of each change.

If you are not already an expert, we recommend submitting your case to an online help forum. Here are some suggestions:

Note: currently, only Russian-speaking anti-malware supporting team (e.g., VIRUSNET association) can provide direct analysis of HiJackThis logs in our github 'Issues' section. Please feel free to ask help there (English only).

Technical support

System Requirements

Operating System

  • Microsoft™ Windows™ 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 (32/64-bit desktop and server)
Thanks to:
  • regist (VIRUSNET) { @regist } - for the valuable tips and ideas, user's manual, database updates, closed and beta-testing
  • Sandor (VIRUSNET) { @Sandor-Helper } - for the beta-testing, lot of reports, PC treatment on GitHub and forums of association
  • akok (VIRUSNET) { @akokSZ } - for product promotion, providing a platform for tests and discussion, help with resolving conflicts with antiviruses
  • team (general VIRUSNET community) - for promotion and support, feedback and bug reports, PC treatment on forums of association
  • Fernando Mercês { @merces } (Trend Micro) - coordinator of original HJT, for the tips, suggestions and promotion
  • Loucif Kharouni { @loucifkharouni } (Trend Micro) - coordinator of original HJT, for the tips & suggestions

HiJackThis Fork by Alex Dragokas (my pseudonym) is a continuation of Trend Micro HiJackThis development, based on v.2.0.6 and 100% rewritten at the moment. It was initially supported by Trend Micro, but they have since refused support and closed its GitHub repository. HiJackThis Fork is distributed under the GPLv2 license. It also includes several tools and plugins available as freeware.

Monday, May 2, 2022

MSVBVM60.dll library - open source version in C++

When I have seen the title on GitHub I started to cough in disbelief. From where?, how?, since when do we have the open source of the main engine of VB6? This post is a big ! A moment of silence please in sign of respect. This is posted by Santiago Hormazabal, a genius in our community! I advise you to visit his repositories on GitHub.

Download from me

Download from GitHub

Monday, April 4, 2022

PhotoDemon - the number one photo editor (VB6)

This open source project is one of the most advanced photo editors in the world. Obviously it is made in Visual Basic 6.0! When I see a project like this I have to keep a moment of silence in sign of respect. The source code represents with no exaggeration, perfection.

Download from Me

Download from GitHub

Photo Demon

Lightweight and completely portable

No installer is provided or required. Aside from a temporary folder – which you can specify in the Tools > Options menu – PhotoDemon leaves no trace on your hard drive. Many users run PhotoDemon from a USB stick or microSD card.

Integrated macro recording and batch processing

Complex editing actions can be recorded as macros (similar to Office software). A built-in batch processor lets you apply macros to entire folders of images.

Usability is paramount

Many open-source photo editors are usability nightmares. PhotoDemon tries not to be. Small touches like real-time effect previews, save/load presets on all tools, unlimited Undo/Redo, "Fade last action", keyboard accelerators, mouse wheel and X-button support, and descriptive icons make it fast and easy to use.

Pro-grade features and tools

  • Extensive file format support, including Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Corel PaintShop Pro (PSP), and all major camera RAW formats
  • Color-managed workflow, including full support for embedded ICC profiles
  • Advanced multi-layer support, including editable text layers and non-destructive layer modifications
  • On-canvas tools: digital paintbrushes, clone and pattern brushes, interactive gradients, and more
  • Adjustment tools: levels, curves, HDR, shadow/highlight recovery, white balance, and many more
  • Filters and effects: perspective correction, edge detection, noise removal, content-aware blur, unsharp masking, green screen, lens diffraction, vignetting, and many more
  • More than 200 tools are provided in the current build.


  • PhotoDemon isn't designed for operating systems other than Microsoft Windows. A compatibility layer like Wine may allow it to work on macOS, Linux, or BSD systems, but these configurations are not officially supported.
  • Due to its portable nature, PhotoDemon is only available as a 32-bit application. (This means it cannot load or save images larger than ~2 GB in size.)

File formats



Image and Layer tools

  • All-new selection tool engine, including full support for merging selections. All selection tools support new "Add", "Subtract", and "Intersect" combine modes. In addition, a new canvas selection renderer automatically highlights the selected region of composite selections. (Other new rendering UI features are available on each selection toolpanel).
  • Completely redesigned Image > Resize tool, with real-time interactive previews, 12 different resampling filters, memory size estimations, a user-resizable dialog, progress bar updates, and more. The new tool was custom-built for PhotoDemon, and it has very low memory requirements, excellent performance, and zero 3rd-party dependencies. (The Layer > Resize tool also receives all of these new features!)
  • New Layer > Replace tools, for quickly replacing an existing layer with data from the clipboard or any arbitrary image file.
  • Overhauled Image > Crop tool, including new support for retaining editable text layers after cropping (instead of rasterizing them).
  • New lock aspect ratio toggle on the Move/Size tool
Batch processor

User interface


For a full list of changes, check the project's commit log.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Quake shooter - a 3D game with sources in VB6

Mikle again ! I have posted projects from Mikle in the past. If you don't know who Mikle is, well, he is the best 3D developer I have seen. I think his name is "Михаил Ильин", which translated is Mihail Ilyin. This Visual Basic 6.0 open source project is one of the most advanced shooters I have seen !

Download VB6 source code from Mikle

Download VB6 source code from me


Friday, February 25, 2022

Access of Speed 6 - a 3D game with sources in VB6

Mikle again ! I have posted projects from Mikle in the past. If you don't know who Mikle is, well, he is the best 3D developer I have seen.I think his name is "Михаил Ильин", which translated is Mihail Ilyin. This Visual Basic 6.0 open source project is one of the most advanced NFS-like games I have seen.

Download VB6 source code from Mikle: AoS6Src

Download VB6 source code from me: AoS6Src



Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Ant colony simulation (by David Rutten)

Simulate the behaviour of an Ant colony. This is an experiment of a system with 'intelligent' agents who affect and are affected by their environment and counterparts.

Download from ME
Download from PSC



Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Voronoi diagrams (by David Rutten)

Voronoi diagrams are named after Russian mathematician Georgy Feodosievych Voronoy who defined and studied the general n-dimensional case in 1908.

Voronoi diagrams are quite useful tools in computational geometry and have a wide range of uses such as, calculating the area per tree in the forest, or figuring out where the poisoned wells were in a city (based on victims' addresses), and so on. In general it is useful for finding "who is closest to whom." A collection of problems where Voronoi diagrams are used is shown below:
  • Collision detection
  • Pattern recognition
  • Geographical optimization
  • Geometric clustering
  • Closest pairs algorithms
  • k-nearest-neighbor queries

Download from ME
Download from PSC