Friday, April 1, 2016

Visual Basic 6.0 installation in Windows 7 (Download and Full Details)

Install the VB....

1. Open your web browser and navigate to the Visual Basic 
Express Edition download page on the Microsoft website 
– at the time of writing this can be found at

2. Click the Visual Basic Express Edition “Download”
option then click “Save” in the File Download dialog that
appears and save the “vb_web.exe” installer file on your
computer’s desktop

3. Click on the “vb_web.exe” file to run the installer then
click Next in the Welcome to Setup dialog and accept the
terms in the License Terms dialog – click on Next once
more to continue

4. In the Installation Options dialog be sure to check the
option to also install Microsoft SQL Server, then click on
Next to continue

5. Accept the suggested destination folder, then click on
Install to implement the installation of Visual Basic
If u dont mind, u can see this video also... links here

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  1. See
    for an installer to install the VB6 programming IDE on Windows 7 and 10.