Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Unbelievable really

Unbelievable really. Microsoft dumped VB6 because of loud mouth 'anoraks' who wanted a 'real' programming language. (Why did the anoraks not learn C--?) What Microsoft failed to realise is that across the world hundreds of thousands of scientists and engineers (maybe millions) have created hundreds of millions of lines of code in VB6 which save them billions of hours in their day to day work. That is real code built with a real language which specialists can learn easily. I have several very sophisticated programs in VB6 which interface with specialist equipment and with CAD programs like AutoCAD. I don't want them or need them to run on a phone or a touchpad. I also refuse to upgrade to Windows 10 in case that causes problems. Professional programmers have C-- etc. Bring our language up to date - I will even pay a few hundred dollars to get a new version!!! OR bring back the DOS environment !! Computers were so much better when they did one thing at a time!! :-P

Doug - an Algol W punched card programmer.

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