Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The pathetic TIOBE index

TIOBE is a biased index. We have all witnessed in 2014 the intentional fall of VB6 from No. 3 on the 10th place IN JUST ONE DAY. The reason was a scandal that thousands VB6 programmers initiated at Microsoft just 2-3 days before. TIOBE  is biased and  controlled by different companies. If you sponsor TIOBE, you raise your programming language in this index as you wish.

In May 2014, VB6 overtaken C# in the Tiobe index of programming language popularity. That was true (and still is) and made the Visual Basic 6 language the Microsoft's most popular language ! I'm in a large corporation. We all used TIOBE in May 2014 war with Microsoft as an argument to make our point in the discussions with Visual Studio team.

In may, just two days after a scandal that thousands VB6 programmers initiated at Microsoft based on TIOBE index, VB6 dropped to 10th place from the third place.

Later Paul Jansen (the "CEO" of this TIOBE index) announced many of us that "some" members of Visual Studio team revolted that VB6 is ahead of C# and that he had to change the TIOBE index (I have proof on that).

Also, another disinformation made by TIOBE is that VB.NET (nicknamed VB.NOT) is ranked by them ahead of VB6 wich is an absurd thing in anyone's mind (VB.NET is not used by anyone).

While I consider TIOBE quite useless, seeing the fluctuation happening in there and the methodology of ranking the language by "most issues" (being talked about most) on top etc.

I will return with relevant related articles on the TIOBE scheme.

Meanwhile we all know that:

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