Friday, March 18, 2016

Unbelievable 3D flight game made in Visual Basic 6.0 !

Pilots School - flight game with sources. You can change mission, create new mission, translate into other languages and so on by simply editing the ini-file. The game is written in Visual Basic 6 using my port DX9 for VB6. It requires DX9-compatible graphics card from nVidia or DX10-compatible from ATI.

(1) Download from me: Download

(2) Download from PSC: Download

(3) Download the game with the source: Download

More info:


  1. Very nice article. I enjoyed reading your post. very nice share. I want to twit this to my followers. Thanks !.

  2. Why not ??? - VB6 just is a container/framework .. probably it is even possible to develop 3D games in alone with Basic language .... but it is not necessary ... you also can develop insid VB6 with Assembler ;o)

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