Thursday, April 7, 2016

While we evolve the Visual Basic 6.0 language without Microsoft

While we evolve the Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) language without Microsoft, relying exclusively on our own knowledge and strengths, you all rely on what the new Microsoft makes you swallow in VB.NET, without knowing how it works.
We, in the VB6 community, have respect for other people's work (work from the VB6 community), I for one think it is important. In fact I am very proud that in the VB6 community the majority is made by brilliant people, literally (which I can NOT say about VB. NET small community).
The VB. NET community desperately but unsuccessfully is trying to copy our VB6 codes that appear on the Internet on a daily basis.
Also, VB6 works well on the 64bit land (I bet you did not know that). I Also bet you did not know that Visual Basic 6.0 works on Linux! 
I am not advocating for VB6 (VB6 does not need lobbying since it has higher speeds than C++), I just try to wake you up to the reality: VB6.1 is the future.
The truth is that VB. NOT has nothing to show. If you disagree, show me the code ! VB.NET programmers feel handicapped and must throw words instead of codes.
Everything you can do in VB6 can NOT be done in VB. NET. VB. NET has hundreds of POINTLES features. If I need features in VB6, my friends in the VB6 community already have various classes posted online.
The story does not change, VB6 is and will be the best language from Microsoft due to us.
A comment by Microsoft MVP