Saturday, March 28, 2015

What does the future hold for VB6?

What does the future hold for VB6? Looking for 5-10-20 years into the future. Do you think VB6 will still be an important player in the technology world? why?
Gavin S.
Founder / CTO at Solid Cloud, LLC
To me using Visual Studio 6.0 vs other Visual Studio tools there is no comparison. This is much like asking a graphics designer to create graphics in Photoshop vs Paint. As Software Development continues to become more like Engineering, these tools will become more and more important. I'm sure PHP / javascript will be the same today as they will be in 20 years, but I'm pretty confident we'll be another 2 levels of abstraction higher on the MS toolset. In the end, there is no comparison, and no better toolset for developing software than Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Studio 6.0 in general.

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