Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A comment by Anonymous

I'm not a "programmer" yet I earn a living by creating unique software. I understand that some want a programming tool that apparently can undertake tasks that I barely understand let alone need...... BUT there are also MANY like me ( subject matter experts ) that appreciate the simple, logical and rapid environment that VB6 provides.
I cannot grasp why Microsoft is so opposed to continuing on with VB6 ( et al ), in other fields they offer tools focusing on user needs. By way of example - Word, enabling "normal" people to create quite professional documents without having to becoming typesetters or use page layout programs... yet with programming languages it seems that a tool for the masses is not an option.
Perhaps its an ego thing within MS, its fine to offer software to the masses that doesn't make programming simple or broadly useable.... lets keep software creation complex and obscure only for the real "programmer". The dropping of VB6 certainly seems to fit this model.
I'm not interested in .NET, I'll move to another simple language if I have to, and given the disturbing trend by MS to drop technologies at a whim, I'll also be very wary of MS programming languages in future.
Its certainly another object lesson in not letting "programmers" make consumer decisions.

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