Sunday, March 8, 2015

A comment by Anonymous

Many years ago I wrote an application in VB3 this ran for 4 years when I needed to update this I had no choice but to move to vb6. It was a small learning curve but everything went fine and I found VB6 perfect it did everything I needed. Now I am no programmer but I managed to write a small database driven system. This has been running for 14 years now without problem.
The customer rang me recently for an update and I realised I had no longer got my original disks and the customer computer was running windows 8. I tried visual basic 2010. God what a waste of time this software is bloated and every simple job takes about 40% longer. Come on what was wrong with the old data control. It was simple stable and just worked. Go and hang yourself .net your too complicated to slow and not what people want.

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