Thursday, March 19, 2015

Please bring back VB6. I will have nothing to do with .NET: a comment by Anonymous

Please bring back VB6. I will have nothing to do with .NET, an idiotic ill designed framework based on the over-usage of objects and classes, with a way too heavy syntax. In the past 17 years, I have written well over a million lines of code in VB3-4-6, all numerical computation, digital signal processing, mechanical analysis and 3d real time graphics. You will not find this code on PSC or the like, but in the engineering departments of major corporations, including all three biggest world-wide mining companies. Their requirements: something no-nonsense, easy for the typical dept technician (not much computer litterate) to handle and that works fast and into the long run. These companies don't like to jeopardize their investments in platform and software system changes.
I expect the same from my programming tools. Formerly in C, much of this code works on par speedwise with their C originals, sometimes even faster. The native code generated by VB6 is truly top notch. I don't need nor use ADO (DAO is so easy and so much faster), XML, HMTL 5, Silverlight (another MS half-baked product gone deprecated) or any of the seemingly high level, flavour of the year tools, introduced recently and touted as the "next best thing" (for gullible .net techies anyway).
There was .net 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, now 2015. Don't go thinking they were ignored, on the contrary, I tried them all and I can write top notch code with them. But I will not. They are just failed, half-baked bloatware products that came out of the twisted micro-managing minds of software engineers with limited imagination and skills. All along the way, MS has been forced into marshalling just about anything legacy in order to make things work somewhat right.
Is that all you (MS) can show for? Not productive at all. People want/need RAD. How long will this go on? It seems clear that developers at large (again with the exception of a few gullible techies) don't embrace the framework. There is no reason to. A change of course is required before it's too late. A. Einstein, a person known to have a few good working brain cells in his time defined insanity as : when you try something again and again and again, expecting somehow to get different results.
Let's stick to what really works. A fast IDE that takes care of assembling all your programs into small, compact, fast executables with a minimal distributed runtime, boosted with easy and reliable access to GDI and other system level API's.
The framework is ill designed technology. All it does is wrapping existing API's into a less usable form.The higher your depencies on wrappers, librairies and third parties, the bigger chances are your systems are going to fail with no solution in sight. I have been that road too many times before. With such people as Paul Yuknewicz at the wheel, the confidence in MS as a software company has been shattered possibly to the point of no return.
P.S. I don't mind the .net techies and trolls spamming this thread. They have no credibility whatsoever.

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