Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Microsoft Visual Studio user voice is biased: censorship covers incompetence in 2016

Hundreds of VB6 developers complain that their comments do not appear here:


Today, visual studio through uservoice.com is covering their incompetence with censorship. Any comment pro VB .NET is allowed regardless of the language used. However, pertinent comments pro VB6 are deleted. Why ?!

Starting yesterday I am banned on http://uservoice.com/, also all my comments (ever made) have been wiped out ! (20 in total). All of them were pro VB6. 

Now, what kind of uservoice is that ?! 

I think increasingly louder that the model for this site is imposing views and not listening to views:

On the above pagevisual studio uservoice has gradually removed thousands of comments each month. If their product (VB .NET and the .NET fr.) is not valuable enough and an older product today is considered the top of the top (namely the VB6 language), we really have to transform ourselves into communists and delete any pro VB6 comments ? Incompetence must be replaced with malice and censorship ?! 

Since 2014, there have been hundreds of ideas related to VB6 posted by people worldwide, and all were rejected and hidden away by uservoice.com.

Microsoft Visual Studio Team frustration rose last week since VB6 took a very important award in 2016 (wins the DICE technical impact award). This huge award that was received by the old Visual Studio team, responsible for the creation of VB6 and VS6 respectively, it was probably like a knife in the neck for the current VS team. The old team (with an activity until 1999) deserved this award since their languages are used in full force today. 

Regarding jobs, VB6 is much higher in demand than VB.NET ever has been. This is a real time plot for jobs (VB6 vs VB.NET).

On the other hand, data provided by administrators of a VB6 page on facebook shows that their posts are shown to more users than the page actually has, and that is very interesting, actually is huge (if you know something about facebook administration):

The Facebook algorithm tells them that most VB6 programmers are between 18 and 34 years old, and that there is a huge interest for VB6. Today it is enough to make a page about VB6 and anybody likes your page without doing much. This is how great is the interest for this language.

However, the general impression between programmers about the current VS team is:


  1. LOL is this for real? You can have more views than likes on facebook! And I have seen many pro-VB6 comments on VS's uservoice. In fact, the comment you posted that points to this article is still there. sooo. :P

    Also, uservoice is actually very terrible software. You could just have bad cookies. Try visiting the site in incognito mode (ctrl-shift-N in Chrome). If they were trying to block you, you wouldn't see the page at all.

  2. Me and others are banned on uservoice.com for pro VB6 comments. All other comments that should be banned are not, just because are anti VB6. Our interdiction to the site is the most pathetic thing I have seen from a Microsoft partner.

  3. Microsoft should have spent their money supporting VB6 IDE (which is truly crap) instead of the ludicrous absurd C# which is simply VB.Net with semicolans.

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