Thursday, January 15, 2015

A comment by Anonymous !

I just dug out my old VB6 disk and installed it on my Win 7 computer to embark on a screen-scraping project I didn't know how to get going in any other way. I started Monday morning and now 72 hours later on Wed I have got the skeleton of the entire project running. Tackled the tough part I didn't know how to do first so I could be sure that wouldn't be a show-stopper. Still enough documentation available from google on advanced graphics techniques to let me get up and running with BitBlt and GetDIBits even tho I had never used either before as a function. Now I'm typing away, knowing for sure I'll get where I want to go in under a week.
VB6 is as much an American Classic as a mint '64 Mustang Convertible. It ain't no brand new 2015 Z06 Corvette with 460 HP, but who cares. It sure is fun to put the top down and feel the wind in my hair once more.

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