Thursday, January 15, 2015

A comment by Anonymous !

I've been using .NET for 10 years now, I can remember all the main class libraries off the top of my head.
I'm now developing (by special request) a VB6 app. VB6 was my principle programming language where I worked between 2001 and 2004. Before and after it was C, C++, C#, and pascal!
Needless to say, doing this VB6 app was awkward, I don't remember much and introspection/intellisense is much more limited than what I'm now used to.
And yet, the app has been developed quicker than I expected. There **IS** something about VB6 that makes it a very powerful development tool.
Now I had always thought that VB6 was being retired because the COM technology on which it's based is being retired. Certainly you could not use VB6 for cross apps to smartphones.
But it seems to me that W8 is full of COM code, and even MS now realise that they are not going to 'port' their desktop users to phones by leveraging the environment (they risk losing out on BOTH sides!). Heck, the guy who specially requested VB6 is an iPhone freak, but he has NO plans to have this stuff on a mobile.
It does seem there is a good case for updating VB6.

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