Wednesday, January 18, 2017

TIOBE is for sale: pay TIOBE index and your favorite language makes it on top !

In recent years, there have been hundreds of thousands of users that uploaded videos on YouTube related to VB6, yet, TIOBE index is made as they wish.

Moreover, many of us know that in 2016 VISUAL BASIC 6 has received the technical impact award at The 19th Annual D.I.C.E. AwardsVisual Basic 6.0 community is more active than ever before and there is a continuous agitation on the Internet regarding this programming language. Also, FaceBook and Youtube is full of Visual Basic 6.0 info uploaded day by day in huge quantities.
Yet, Tiobe seems to change their methodology very often and the results of this can be dramatic.
They also change all their historical statistics when they do that which makes for some bizarre reading.
For example classic vb should have been language of the year in 2015 because apparently it shot up from nowhere to be in 10th place over the preceding year ( )
Which was odd because for years and years before that vb was always sitting comfortably in the index in the top ten places, for example :
In my humble opinion the tiobe index is a worthless piece of shi* to use as support for an argument one way or the other about any language. It would be helpful if it was gone.
Remember the article "TIOBE Index for July 2014 - Visual Basic 6.0 is 5th and C# is 6th, again !" ? The next month VB6 was thrown on place 11. In order to understand exactly the truth in this article let's look at WayBackMachine (the Internet martor) regarding TIOBE:
The moral of the story is: You have a favorite programming language ? You have enough money ?! Pay TIOBE index and your favorite language makes it on top. Anything is possible with TIOBE ! You just have to pay !

TIOBE Index for May 2014

TIOBE Index for July 2014 Visual Basic 6.0 is 5th and C# is 6th, again !