Monday, November 30, 2015

VB6 CAN do reliable and safe multithreading !

It is false common knowledge that vb6 cannot do reliable and safe multithreading, VB6 CAN do multithreading if you use ActiveX.exe as the compile type. Yes it is not as straight forward as in .net (background worker) but it is rarely needed and works 100%.
Underneath it all most IDE/Compilers like QT/Delphi/Lazarus and even .NET in most respects etc... use the same win32 engine to run programs, just as vb6 does.
Fads of programing methods come and go... .NET was born from a fad of interpreted languages, and the rejection of VB6 was because of a FAD mob thinking not real technical facts.
Still today there are many, many programs written in vb6, some supporting even larger corporations and re-writing them for windows only would be a waste, although it does make sense to re-write to become platform independent
My hope is that in the future projects like vbrichclient provides the community with a vb6 like compiler that we can preserve and continue to work with vb6, using its simplicity to efficiently create amazing programs
I would like to commend Microsoft for supporting vb6 compiled apps in windows 10, we have embraced it and have create a whole product offering the integrates the Surface 3/4 into our hardware controllers...
I hope project centennial becomes a reality
Lastly I still hope, soon, Microsoft will throw a few million into revamping vb6, there is a whole world of non-technical people who will create amazing apps, which in tern would benefit the windows eco system. With Intel making their chips smaller and smaller it is completely feasible to see a future where an embedded low cost micro device runs windows apps generated by vb6.
Have a good one

Published by Winston Potgieter