Wednesday, February 17, 2021

String-style operations by wrapping a Byte array

People seem to get tangled up in their underwear a lot trying to fiddle with binary data in String variables. Often they run into nightmares where they convert Unicode "to Unicode" and then back later, in the vain hope of avoiding data corruption. And then some locale boundary gets crossed and it all falls down. Hard.

From what I've seen the bulk of this comes from the desire to use String operations on binary data. But most of these are fairly trivial to synthesize, especially with the help of CopyMemory.

The Bytarr Class wraps a dynamic Byte array along with several properties and methods to make this easier.

You can use the Class for lots of applications, or when you only need one or two operations it can server as a template for inline code when you don't want the Class.

Bytarr (biter?) is bundled with a test program in the attachment. This also includes my Dump Class, which I find handy for debugging and testing.


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