Sunday, February 23, 2014

Superior Code contest winners for Visual Basic 6.0 - February 2014

Superior Code contest winners February 2014 (For code submitted January 2013)

 Dynamic Block Allocation algorithm (experiments and implementation)
Dynamic Block Allocation algorithm (DBA) represents a new method (2013) for partitioning string sequences into data blocks taking into account different rules imposed by a function (update #11). Two versions of this bbankalgorithm are presented, namely DBFA (Double Brute Force Algorithm) and MBFA (Multi Brute Force Algorithm).

Make Trail V2.0
Trial V2.0 is a program that attaches binary code to an executable in order to limit that executables number of executions.

Motions for reintroduction of Visual Basic 6.0 on the market, in parallel with Visual Studio line
non-code: A plea to Microsoft to bring back Visual Basic 6 on the market.

Win32API Texts (ِAPIs From 1999 Added)
For New Guys:Forget Old Version Of Win32API.txt This Is The Latest Release Of My Win32API Texts Collection And I don't Think It Is Possible That I Could Collect More Then This I Searched Whole The Internet For The Following Files and I'm Pretty Its The Best API Collections You Can Ever Find Anywhere Just Imagine 6 MB Pure API Text From All System Dlls(its Compressed size is 7/5 MB)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How the new version of Visual Basic 6.0 should look like !

We need to think well what we ask from Microsoft when it comes to a modern version of VB6. Some crucial points can be found below:

1) The new version of VB6 must be cross platform

2) Old VB6 projects must work on the new version

3) The new version must have the same speed as VB6 has

4) The compiled executables made by the new version should not be dependent on any external files

5) No syntax change, only additions