Thursday, October 26, 2017

Visual Basic 6.0 is an attractor for the young intelligent minds

Up to my last count in 2014, there have been around 200 pages dedicated to VB6 on FaceBook. I am subscribed to one of the very active pages, namely I asked the administrators this page if they had something related to the VB6 programmers age data. They did more than send me data, they gave me access to their statistics. The current number of programmers subscribed to the page in 2017 is 13 thousand. Not just that young minds prefer VB6, but new blood comes to the VB6 community and not to the other communities. While in general the trend of using a language is artificially maintained by different companies and groups, the Visual Basic 6.0 language has a natural trend, it's like an attractor for the intelligent minds. Of 13,000 programmers this is the age distribution on the

Here's an example with a video that was posted over a single day

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