Saturday, October 21, 2017

Visual Basic 6.0 by default on Windows

Windows has many tools by default like Paint or Notepad. What is missing in the tool arsenal is a programming language. Visual Basic 6.0 seems to be extraordinarily well suited since is particularly powerful, fast and with millions of programmers.

In the community, it was concluded that Microsoft may not have powerful specialists on the programming languages side like they had in the 90's and that would be one of the reasons why they can not make a new Visual Basic 6.X version.

Another reason in the community gossip would be that they no longer have the source code of the Visual Basic 6.0 programming language probably due to data corruption.

The list of suspicions is long as Microsoft tried to break the support for VB6 in 2008, but they could not do that because of the masses of programmers who have resisted.

Another false information would be that VB6 programmers do not want to go to other languages, but as far as I know personally, VB6 programmers know a very wide range of languages, especially C++, Java, PHP and ASM.

The support for VB6 is now guaranteed by Microsoft until 2027. So it will survive longer than most of the programming packages released right now.

Such an idea would be very constructive for Windows 10 and future variants.

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