Sunday, January 12, 2014

Superior Code contest winners for Visual Basic 6.0 - January 2014

Superior Code contest winners January 2014 (For code submitted December 2013)

 Visia Compiler 4.8.7 
(a professional programming language made in VB6)

Visia Compiler is a native x86 compiler for the Windows 32 platform (update #3). This great project is made by Kinex. It is written in Visual Basic 6.0 but compiles directly into machine code without the need of any runtime libraries or other dependencies. The language supports GUI creation, API, pointers, inline assembly (fasm must be installed). It may build and include libraries, include source headers (inc), custom entry point and dynamic arrays. Syntax is only little similar to basic-like languages as coding structure is near to C than Basic.

 PhotoDemon 6.2a2 - a Fast, Powerful, Pure VB6 Photo Editor (Updated 08 Jan 2014)

08 JAN 2014 UPDATE. This update includes a new content-aware resize tool (also known as Liquid Rescaling). Content-aware resizing uses seam carving ( to rescale images by removing unimportant areas while preserving important ones. It wasn't added to Photoshop until CS4, so it's a relatively cutting-edge technique, and I think this is the first-ever VB implementation. Feedback welcome! Try it from the Image -> Content-aware resize menu. This update also includes many minor bugfixes, optimizations, and other improvements.
Original Description. As the title says, PhotoDemon is a fast, powerful, VB6-based photo editor focused on usability. Despite being coded in VB, many of its filters and tools outperform those in other free photo editors (GIMP, Paint.NET, etc). Key features include: 100+ filters and tools, macro recording, batch processing, automatic update notifications, real-time effect previews, EXIF and XMP metadata handling, RAW format support, color-managed workflow, and much more. Compile for best results. Thank you to all the PSC projects whose work helped PhotoDemon exist; full credit and links to those projects can be found in Help -> About.

 EGL_Sphere & Little Planet

Creating and saving the littleplanet image with equirectangular image. and spherical map aplications.

 Simple pie chart using the circle control

 Stretch Puzzle

Stretched Puzzle_ Drag and stretch Pieces in x, y direction as you wish! To Solve Puzzle _ thanks a lot to TMAX for his nice Module_Simple & Hard Style _ Have fun friends

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