Friday, December 1, 2017

Advanced 200 fps 3D engine in Visual Basic 6.0 !

Here we have a particularly advanced 3D engine that uses Directx 8.1. It can be adapted for the current DirectX version. The package consists of the map editor and the 3D engine. The map editor can compose the elevations of the landscape for the virtual world. With current technology, this 3D engine moves at an astonishing 200 fps. I say astonishing 200 fps, because the virtual world created is particularly complex with 3D dynamic objects (the grass undulates), rain, fog, shadows, particles, etc. You have to see this, it's impressive ! Unfortunately, I do not know who is the author of this project.

Download from ME

Map Editor:

The LandScape 3D game:

The autor words:

Howto: Create/Edit Height Maps

 [hm] File Format:

  4 Bytes (Single): Width
  4 Bytes (Single): Height

  4 Bytes (Single): Height Points (Range: From -1 to +1)

And, by the way, there is a cool height map editor inside this ZIP :)
It is not optimized, but works (i hope) without bugs...

P.S.: No comments for the HM editor code :(


I have 35 fps with the following hardware...

Vid: Radeon 8500 (64 Mb)
Cpu: 1.3 Ghz (1.6)
Ram: 512 Mb

Disable Grass, Rain & Lightning Rendering In Program Code, it will run faster :)

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