Tuesday, November 14, 2017

VB6 graph control

This project is from Woka, one of the VB6 community fighters. I do not know anything about Woka but I see it made a gorgeous chart with relatively wide applicability. Thank you Woka !

Download from me and me v2

Download from source

I have written a small compact graph usercontrol control.

Squigillians of points
Draw Line Graph
Draw Bar Graph
All Custom Colors
Draw Points
Draw Axis
Fixed Items
Save ALL grid and point properties to a file
Load a graph from a saved file

I think that's it.
With the graph it's possible to do the following:
Draw a moving graph, like you see in task manager
Draw a histogram, bar and line graphs
Draw mathematical equations, like Sin Wave or x^2
Draw a moving music graphic equaliser thingy like in media player
Create a progress bar

It's something I knocked up in the last 24hrs. I can't find any bugs, but I am sure one of the little bastards is still lurking around

Any comments or suggestions would be great.



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  1. Hi, you know a GraphicsLibrary like a VisionLibrary in pure VB6 (with api like GDI too) ?? I want 2DContour and CornerDetectors in VB6 ! thanks! You can convert this algorithms of other languages to vb6 to commercial purposes?