Sunday, July 23, 2017

You just can't trust Microsoft anymore

We used VB6 and Microsoft abandoned it (though we are lucky that it still continues working, even on Windows 10 despite Microsoft). Microsoft behaved despicably with VB6 - always using phrases like "we have no plans to support VB6 in the next release of Windows". But they always had to because VB6 programming is so widely used.
We used Silverlight, it was very good but Microsoft abandoned that too.
We looked at LightSwitch, we liked it, we even used it a little. Fortunately we didn't do much with it because we could no longer trust Microsoft. And we were right not to trust MS because they abandoned that too.
Then we needed to develop mobile apps. But Microsoft could only offer us Windows Phone, which they kept breaking compatibility with (Windows Mobile 6, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8) before losing out altogether.
You just can't trust Microsoft anymore.

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