Saturday, July 30, 2016

Visia Compiler (a professional programming language - made in VB6)

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Visia Compiler

Visia programming language (native compiler)

Visia Compiler is a native x86 compiler for Windows 32 platform (update #4). This great project is made by Kinex (with thanks to Mark Chipman, Mordred (nick name), Tommy Lillehagen and Jordi EnguĂ­dano). It is written in Visual Basic 6.0 but compiles directly into machine code without the need of any runtime libraries or other dependencies. The language supports GUI creation, API, pointers, inline assembly (FASM must be installed). It may build and include libraries, include source headers (inc), custom entry point and dynamic arrays. Syntax is only little similar to basic-like languages as coding structure is near to C than Basic. 

(1) Download from me: Download
(2) Download Sourceforge: Download


Visia is a programming language (native compiler) made in VB6 (Visual Basic 6.0).

Updates and content

Visia Compiler

- is the original code of Visia Compiler.
Visia Compiler

Visia Compiler

- It contains a small and intelligent change suggested by Wilksey! (PSC programmer) which enables a real-time syntax highlighting.

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