Monday, May 23, 2016

FREE THE VB6 programming language - Open source VB6 now

On Saturday Sue Gee of i-programmer magazine posted a call on the Microsoft UserVoice site. The call asked that, on the 25th anniversary of Classic VB, it should be returned to Its programmers by open-sourcing the VB6 programming language and IDE. On the 25th anniversary of Classic VB, Return It To Its Programmers 
Sue said “Don’t deride the attempt to make Classic VB open source if you are happy with .NET. There is no doubt C# and VB .NET are sophisticated well designed languages and perhaps you, like me, have no desire to return to VB6 or anything like it. Vote for the proposal not because you want to use VB6 or that you think it is worth having – Vote for it because a company like Microsoft should not take a language away from its users. 
If you are in favour please go and vote for it and please share the campaign as widely and forcefully as you can.”
The post rapidly gained support on the Microsoft UserVoice site.
By Sunday evening, Microsoft closed down Sue’s call, preventing any further voting.
Microsoft have made it clear just how they intend “celebrating” the 25th birthday of Visual Basic.
Clearly Microsoft hold their users in contempt.
Your shameful action, Microsoft, leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
Happy Birthday, Visual Basic.

Microsoft has been asked a number of times to open source VB6. This has been repeatedly rejected without any real reason being given. However to remove a language from its community without an exceptional reason is an act of vandalism. The new Microsoft claims to back open source, why not in this case? There is no need for Microsoft to do any more work on the code base - simply open source it and allow the community to keep it alive. Even if you don't think that VB6 is a language you would ever want to use you should back this proposal simply to allow others the freedom to do so.

Microsoft must be dumb to censor a suggestion for an open-sourced VB6 during the Visual Basic 25th anniversary "Celebratiathon".

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