Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Microsoft future tech on programming languages !

Rinzwind wrote:
Let's face it... MS kicked VB6 the hard way because they saw it as a concurrent to their - at that time - completely new dev future .NET. VB.Net in no way was a valid alternative. It's surely more like Java than VB6. Just another Java like programming language. Hmm they got C# for that already. So what's the point? Only public propaganda toward .NET.
.NET changed a lot during the following years and frameworks came and went, especially regarding GUI. A new real VB also is not a matter of technology... they still supply VBA, including 64 bit support. It's purely ego tripping at MS top. "I want .NET and everything else should go away".
I like VB6 because of its quick edit and debug cycle, all in one IDE, GUI design, basic program structure, small size of programs, it's efficient and flexible and supports the Win32 API which helps to keep it relevant. Variant support for those who want the easy way. Heck, VBScript code is almost 1 on 1 transferable to VB6 (not the other way around mind you). As is VBA. It's just a pity that we are dependent on one company for VB6. Apparently it takes lots of effort to create something like VB6. Otherwise it would already be here. VB6 was created by some geniuses... especially if you take into account how long ago it is... and what hardware they had and what the produced out of it.
Really... the past 10 years the Desktop OS did not see much progress. Apple did something very nice with iOS. But Objective C.. hmmm well they have Swift now.

Microsoft future tech:

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