Saturday, May 16, 2015

VB6 isn't just awesome, it's far more so than C# or VB.NET

VB6 isn't just awesome, it's far more so than C# or VB.NET. Aside from it's ease of installation, use, compatibility - which are all far greater than .NET, how about just looking at what's happened to Microsoft since VB6 was killed. No Microsoft .NET is no longer used in any University of Washington courses, and am hard pressed to find any CS departments anywhere that use it. Java has become the replacement. This even though MS tools are the only ones that have edit and continue capability, though .NET didn't have this until late in its "evolution". .NET has failed. VB6 can't be killed. MS should stop listening to CS majors who dream of writing the next compiler and start listening to the people who actually support it, or at least used to.

The real motivation for .NET was MS losing the battle for Java with Sun (now Oracle). It was a neurotic response, coincident with MS stock going flat for over 10 years. Why would anyone trust MS whatever they did now, having abandoned their developer support. MS needs to come clean at long last and make amends by releasing an backward compatible, but cleaned up version of VB6 for 64-bit Windows and a promise to maintain backward compatibility in the future.

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