Thursday, April 9, 2015

If I were a masochist, maybe, just maybe I could get to like VB.NET

Every time I have to fire up, I am reminded how painful it is to use.
If I were a masochist, maybe, just maybe I could get to like it. But I am not.
Anyway that is besides the point. One of my main apps specialises in services for the printing industry. The problem is .Net fails miserably at handling large size graphics. As such, .Net is not even considered (13 years after introduction) as an upgrade path.
All the while, VB6 strengthened with a well managed dose of low level api call handles my tasks with no sweat at all. It has for the last 15 years. (And please don't get me started on marshalling api's with .net... life is too short for that kind of talk.)
I have been that road before : the more complex the tool, the more likely it will fail you with no solutions in sight. And that is exactly the case with .Net.
Will I ever consider moving my work to .Net? The answer is a resounding NO. Low level API's and GDI's are not going anywhere, that would be the death of Windows. VB6 runtime supported till 2024, and come Windows 11, 12 and so on, it will still be there.
Please bring back VB6 (in a 64 bit version too) so we can move forward with our work.

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