Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How the new version of Visual Basic 6.0 should look like !

We need to think well what we ask from Microsoft when it comes to a modern version of VB6. Some crucial points can be found below:

1) The new version of VB6 must be cross platform

2) Old VB6 projects must work on the new version

3) The new version must have the same speed as VB6 has

4) The compiled executables made by the new version should not be dependent on any external files

5) No syntax change, only additions


  1. yes...it should be like HTML5 :)

  2. I add some possible improvements.

    6) - The IDE should work with other languages such as: Javascript, HTML and Python.

    7) - The application packager should be much more efficient.

    8) - The IDE should have indentation markers with lines in the IF THEN ELSE, Select Case, NEXT FOR, DO WHILE, etc ...

    9) - A new VB6 compiler should be open to being able to program with other text editors and other open source IDEs.

  3. particulary it should be for Desktop applications and not for networking

  4. Complied files should not be bigger in size than old vb6 compiled files